chapter one: gr9 wizards think alike!

As they ran through the Department of Mysteries, strong and powerful Mark Vigeant turned to Harry Potter and said "No you frikkin idiot, you should be breaking their wands. You're all being stupid. Paralyze them and break their wands." Hermione was so impressed with this idea that she immediately fell in love with Mark. He is obviously the strongest wizard in the world. Harry said "Yes Mark, I respect you, you are a better wizard than me," to which Mark said "YA DOYYYYY."

Just then a frickin DRAGON showed up being ridden by none other than the super strong Daenerys Stormborn. All the Death Eaters were like "holy Sh*t" but not Mark- he was chill and very cool. "Hello Mark," said the mother of dragons. "Will you join Gandalf, Peter Dinklage and I on a quest to rescue a whole ton of children?" "Of course," said Mark obviously, "I frikkin love children."

So Daenerys, Gandalf, Peter Dinklage and Mark flew away on a dragon. Harry and co were all like "What the f*eak" but whatever, there were children in danger. Hermione had a time turner and the whole concept of time travel really RUINS the universe here but that's a story for another time.

Gandalf said "You're quite cool," and it was awesome.

Chapter 2 coming soon!!!